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Gail and Vince C, Denville -

It seems that a kitchen remodel is something most people experience at least once in their lifetime. The stories told regarding their personal Kitchen Remodeling Project often rank high among the other horror stories that people accumulate though out their years. My wife and I are pleased to report that our experience with Elegant Kitchens in Randolph, New Jersey was an 'absolutely fabulous experience'. When was the last time you heard that about a kitchen remodeling project?

Elegant Kitchens and Joe Caggiano were absolutely terrific to deal with and helped us to select each piece toward building our "dream kitchen". Joe worked with us closely from choosing the cabinet manufacturer to selecting wood finishes, all the way to choosing the hardware (knobs and pulls). There was a lot to think about and there were literally thousands of decisions to be made for our new kitchen. Joe patiently guided us through the entire process from start to finish.

Joe was extremely helpful and equally knowledgeable throughout the planning and design phases. He was wonderfully flexible  even when we made an "on the fly" change to the original design. His years of  experience in kitchen remodeling were critical to ensuring a smooth installation and a timely completion date. Joe's confidence and re-assurance were welcomed and comforting during construction. He was at our home frequently, working closely with our contractor, insuring all was going as planned.

Sure a kitchen remodel is disruptive to a normal home routine. Demolition and construction is noisy and dusty. But I tell you, every time I stop and look at the final kitchen product, I am still blown away by the dramatic presence our new kitchen puts forth. Our new kitchen is worth every ounce of thought and sweat and absolutely worth every precious penny we invested in the project. We are so excited with our new, beautiful kitchen! The quality is superb as well!

So it goes without saying, if you are thinking that a kitchen remodel is in your future, your first step is to visit Joe at Elegant Kitchens in Randolph. You will be so happy that you did. As you can tell we are ecstatic about experience and proud owners of a kitchen " to die for". Kitchen remodels obviously do not have to be horror stories. Our kitchen remodel story is a dream come true!

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