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Financing up to $100,000 for Home Improvement.

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Why Choose our Financing?

Getting the money you need for your next home improvement project made simple. View, Compare and Apply in seconds without affecting your credit score. It's that easy!

  • Loans up to $100,000
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Equity in your home is not required
  • Comparing your options won't affect your credit score
  • Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good & Excellent Credit Welcome!

Financing for any project

Whether it's a kitchen or bathroom remodel, new roof, windows, siding or a repair, Enhancify's financing programs offer you flexible and affordable financing solutions to help you pay for any project.






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Enhancify your home, the Enhancify way

Acording to numerous statistics, Americans spend enormous amounts of money to remodel or make updates to their home every year. In 2019, renovation spending in the U.S. broke all records, reaching more than $330 billion. Even though the speed may slow a bit in 2020, the truth is that the numbers will remain huge anyway.

$330 billion sounds like a lot of money for homeowners to spend, but it really isn't when you think about all of existing homes that are getting older, design trends that are changing universally and going green to save money becomes more and more prevalent.

Plus, with the median home value around $181,000 and the average annual income around $59,000 to $60,000 in the United States, many Americans are unable to afford a home - let alone buy a home that has everything they've ever wanted and is tailored to their tastes and needs.

So where are Americans purchasing more and more of their home improvement products? The internet, of course. Within a 12 month period, the home improvement e-commerce business is estimated to make up $11 Billion dollars in sales according to the NPD - that's 41% higher than it was the previous year. In fact, homeowners are not only purchasing items for their home online, they are also using the internet to design their kitchen, hire the companies to do the work, and even applying for loans to pay for it all.

Say hello to Enhancify.com, where we've set out to simplify getting money for home improvements.

Like many homeowners, their home is one of the biggest investments we may ever make in this lifetime, which is why we're always trying keep our home up-to-date with the latest trends. The more money we put into our home, the higher our home's value will be and the more equity we'll have.

Here at Enhancify.com, we have a common belief that a house is not just a way to create memories, but is also a way to build a financial foundation for the future.

By using the power and ease of the internet, along with our proprietary technology, we're not only making the home improvement process easier, but we're bridging the gap between the homeowner, contractor and lender.

So, whether you need the money fast, have no equity in the home, don't want to use any of the home's equity, or even if you just want an easy, hassle free process, Enhancify.com can help - regardless of your credit situation!

Our network is comprised of the top-rated lenders offering unsecured financing for home remodeling projects. Big or small, Enhancify.com wants you to worry about which room you want to remodel first, not how you're going to pay for it.

Get Financing in 2 Easy Steps

Our financial gateway can help you close more sales and build your bottom line. The benefits are endless and we can have you up and running in 48 hours!


1. Enter Your Information

We protect your information using 256-bit encryption. Checking your rates will not affect your credit score.


2. Get Funded

When you find an option you like, you’ll be able to continue and apply for a loan through one of our lending partners.


How do I get started with Enhancify?
You can complete our form online within seconds. Once you submit your information to us, we'll immediately match you with your best options available based on your situation.
Is my information secure with Enhancify?
We take your privacy seriously and all of your information is safe and secure through a variety of different ways. One way is by using a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to establish an encrypted link so everything you provide to us remains private. You can review our privacy and security policy here.
If I don't have an email address can Enhancify still assist me?
Yes, we can provide you with financial providers both online and via email. We highly recommend having an email though as our partners may require you to have one in order to proceed with them. If you don't have an email address, you can also obtain one for free through services like Google, Microsoft/Bing, and Yahoo! Mail.
My question wasn't answered here. Can I contact Enhancify directly?
Yes, we love hearing from you. The best way is by sending us an email to info@elegantkitchensonline.com. We strive to be your free online resource for life for all of your project financing needs.
How does Enhancify's process work?
We've made our process quick and easy for you and your customers. Once you fill out our form online, we will contact you and help you to set up your co-branded page which will allow you to offer financing to your customers, and as a result, close more jobs. We will match your customers with lending options from our network of the best lenders offering unsecured loans based on their needs. Our proprietary technology will do all the work and match your customers to the best option based on their unique situation. The options we've identified are options we've determined to give the best chance of success. Your customers will be able to apply for one, two or all of the options and submit their information on the lender's website.
What is an unsecured loan?
An unsecured loan, also referred to as a personal loan, is a loan that is based solely on the borrower's creditworthiness, rather than by any type of collateral. An unsecured loan can be used for almost any purpose, including home improvements, debt consolidation, wedding expenses, etc.
What is a secured loan?
A secured loan is a loan that uses an asset, such as a car or home, as collateral. If you default on the loan, the bank/lender can repossess the car or home.
Does Enhancify have any credit requirements?
No, our partner network is comprised of a variety of lenders or other solution providers to assist with all credit situations and needs.
Does Enhancify offer services outside of the U.S.?
No, unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to assist consumers who are residents outside of the United States.
Am I obligated to proceed with any of the options Enhancify matched me to or one of the partners in your network?
No, if you apply to a lender and for whatever reason you decide not to move forward, you are not obligated to accept the loan. We do recommend you notify the lending provider as to why you don't want to proceed with the application or the acceptance of the loan offer.
Does Enhancify have lenders who deal with less-than-perfect credit?
Yes, we do! We have Lenders who work with borrowers with poor to excellent credit. All loan decisions are provided by our lending partners.
Does Enhancify or any of its lending partners pull a credit report?
No, we do not pull your credit and in most instances our lending partners will only do a soft inquiry. However, if the lending partner does do a hard inquiry, the lender will notify you beforehand, usually somewhere on their website or prior to submitting your application with them. It is very important you read their terms and conditions prior to submitting your application.
What is the difference between a hard inquiry and a soft inquiry?
Simply put, a soft inquiry is an inquiry that occurs when either you, a credit card company, or a lender checks your credit to pre-approve you to offer you credit. Soft inquiries do not appear on your credit report, nor do they impact your credit scores.

A hard inquiry is an inquiry that occurs when you apply to a bank or lender so they can review your credit report as part of their decision-making process. A hard inquiry does show up on your credit report and will impact your credit score. This type of inquiry appears on your credit report for two years (24 months), however, it will only impact your credit score for the first year (12 months).
Does Enhancify have any fees for the consumer?
No, we do not charge any fees to the consumer to utilize our services. Each lender you are matched with determines their own policy on what they charge. We are unable to determine the amount of closing costs or out-of-pocket expenses you may incur, however, if we are able to match you with a lender, you can discuss your specific situation with them once you are in contact.

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